• As hurricane Sandy made landfall on the east coast of the US after devastating portion of the Carribeans, a massive water surge made its way toward New York City, New Jersey and Connecticutt. As a result of the unprecedented floodings, major parts of these states were left without power.
    From 34th street all to the way down to the financial district, the usually bright and vibrant Manhattan was kept in the dark. In this obscurity the few people I crossed were unidentified shadows punctuated by their flashlights. No street life, very few cars, only generators pumping water or providing emergency lights as a loud reverberating background noise. This unusual environment created an overall cautious atmosphere, simply passing by any pedestrians could be somewhat frightening.
    This series is about the surreal impression I felt walking around for hours during several nights in the pitch black streets, as well as the basic fear and curiosity of the unknown that it revealed in me.
    A calibrated screen is recommended to see this series correctly.

    As of late November, the storm claimed more than 200 lives, many people had their home severely damaged or destroyed and some are still living without power, heat or running water. If you would like to help victims, you can donate to the Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org

    See the series in better resolution here: http://www.romain-laurent.com/shadows/
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