• The idea behind this project is the notion of memory and past as a shadow of each one of us. Every event in our lives is attached to us and is an intrinsically important part of who we are.
    Two negatives, each one from a different photography, a single salt print produced with both of the negatives. Two slices of time frozen in a single layer of silver nitrate. Two events separated in the time for years or maybe just seconds but united in a piece of paper as a metaphor of how each one of us is a set of layer glued by our experiences through the life.
    Is also a display of how proud I'm of be a mixture of races and cultural lores: From the Celtic and European roots of my dad to the beautiful Amerindian and African roots of my mom.
  • Proud of be included in:
    EXHIBIT OPENS ON January 29th, 2015
    Artists' Reception scheduled for January 18th, 2015
    Juror: Johan Hallberg-Campbell
    Salt print over gum print
  • Salt print
  • Salt print
  • Salt print
  • Salt print
  • Salt print over gum print.
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