Shababi - A financial Youth Banking Product

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  • Shababi Logo Design
    Bank Muscat Product
  • Objective:

    Our approach:

  • Original First idea/draft of the Logo.
  • Different option and style of the Logo.
  • Logo Study with different type fonts and letter breakdown.
  • A continuation of the study in terms of shapes and characters.
  • A new ┬ástudy of a different route that the client wanted to explore before going ahead with the final look and feel of the card but then they went back to the original idea and approved it.
  • Final approved Card and Logo design to be produced. The approach also uses 2 colors, a primary and an accent color that compliment each other and create a distinct look.
  • The idea behind this campaign is simple. to highlight Shababi as an integral part of their life and lifestyle by combining the cards with objects that define and matter to them.
  • Thanks to Jeevan (Art Director)