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    North Champ Fútbol

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    The Brief: 
    Conceptualize and design the identity of
     a soccer tournament / lifestyle event to take place in Buenos Aires inviting hundreds of players to compete for the win in an explosive sporting event while also enjoying live bands, DJ's, lounge areas, inflatables and  several other leisure activities.
    The hybrid concept resulted in an event that was not only a soccer tournament but also an event where players and their friends could share, enjoy and relax outdoors.
    The greatest design challenge was to combine "sports" and "lifestyle" into a single unified concept that maintained North Champ's brand recognition but was also an event in itself. Once the final look & feel was defined, all pieces fit into place.
    Graphics Developed:
    - Event identity, logo and concept
    - E-flyers and promos
    - Social Network customization (Facebook and Twitter)
    -  Print media (posters and handouts)
    - Large scale media (giant fixture, posters, sponsors, banners)
    - Event website creation
    - Video Media Loops
    - Directv
    - Pepsi
    - Nike
    - Gatorade
    - Isenbeck
    - Movistar
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