Setup & Manage Meetings in Adobe® Connect™

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    UX Designer, Adobe India
    After the successful revamp of the Adobe Connect web client through rollouts 8 & 8.5, it was time to reimagine the web portal - a place to setup, publish and manage web conferencing meetings.
    The focus was to make the setup, publish and managing web meetings - an effortless, ultra-quick experience.
  • We took a deep dive into initial user research findings and understood the pain points of a host/presenter trying to setup, manage, send invites and conduct meetings. Clearly all of our user personas - Web Meeting Host, Trainer and eLearners was craving for an all-in-one engaging experience. Quickly we iterated on different round of wireframes and finalized on the experience strategy that would shape the global navigation and framework. I then worked on an overall experience vision that would align with the ease of use and visual language of the web client and presented it in a click-through. 
  • Global Navigation and Framework
  • A few shots of the web portal experience...
  • User login page with news and announcements pod showing company wide updates.
  • Homepage feed showing meetings arranged sequentially. This super-clean visual feed is easy to comprehend and digest as its tailored based on user's schedule.
  • The pane-view navigation enabled users to quickly browse meetings and see an overview. This approach was extremely economical savings time and clicks to get basic details of a meeting. 
  • Users can sort meetings by roles or by people making it extremely easy to drill down information.
  • In-Place editing of meeting content enabled great experience and offered economies of time and effort.
    Thank you