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*Encouraging to Become a Superhero!
Set of Posters Promoting Healthy Lifestyle in Narva City
Healthy Narva Project*
At the moment I am working on the Healthy Narva project sponsored by Youth in Action Programme. It's proposal is to gather youth around sport, especially the one, that could be done in companies and in open spaces. 

All the posters, stickers and our site are done in one concept:

Be a Superhero! Be Healthy! : is our MOTO

In social networks we have by now around 400 friends, who take part in our activities! That is why we have made a site-calender that gives information about all the events, including the upcoming ones!

Calender of Events in the frame of Healthy Narva Project
The Very First Event  +  Photos from it
One of Past Events :  Ice-Skating!
Upcoming Event + Detailed Information