Set Aside Time & Do It

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  • Set aside time and do it

    Find a new skill you want to learn. 
    Read up about it and set aside time to accomplish.
    A new skill every week. 

    This is a poster I made for my project,
    The technique is embroidery.
    The patterns and the colours used were not
    specifically planned out.

    The technique was inspired by MaricorMaricar's
    Sweater Letter- Family Set on Behance.

    I graduated from a fashion degree course but my
    handiwork has never been great hence this is
    also a challenge to me.

    This a poster took the most amount of time.
    Although I have tried doing this as fast as I can
    but each letter still took about an hour to
    finish up.

    I was quite amazed at the outcome because I never imagined that I could make it this neat
    and have such patience to complete it.

    I think the lesson I learnt here was patience,
    some things take a long time to complete
    but the outcome is worth waiting for.
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