Serpent Card

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  • Serpent Card
    New Year greeting
  • Graphic Design Studio by Yurko Gutsulyak continues the so-called “Oriental series” of the New Year Cards. Previously, Recipe-card (2011) and Dragon Card (2012) were created. This year the Serpent Card enlarges the collection.
  • The significance of such project is of great concern right now. In the last few years the impact, priority and perspective of digital and analog modes of visual information transfer are intensively discussed. As the digital technologies are getting more and more popular, the tradition of corporate greetings turns into a low-budget formality. Under these conditions, communication becomes inefficient and is rather statistical than emotional.
    For us it is not only important to greet our friends, partners, colleagues and clients, but also to make every message a personal one and thus express respect and gratitude to everyone who is actually with us, who supports, understands and appreciates us.
  • The Serpent Card is a live greeting that, upon the user’s desire, can turn into a decorative garland of almost 2 meters long. Each of the 100 cards has its unique combination of colors and individual number.
  • Paper So…Silk FSC (Cordenons)
    Silk-screen printing
    Cutting and punching
    Tying a silk ribbon
    Our hands warmth
    Edition of 100 copies