Series In The City - Title Sequence

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  • Title Sequence, End Credits, Lower 3rd
    TV Show "Series in the city", network : OCS City (France)
    A TV Show about US Series broadcasted on the chanel OCS City.
    95% of the elements are photos, the 3D + textures are made in Photoshop, all animated with Motion.
  • 1.Title Sequence
    Designed, directed, animated by Arno Faure
    Music, SFX, Mix by Sylbbi Vane
  • Comparison Storyboard / Final Video (Screenshots)
  • 2. End Credits
    Designed, animated by Arno Faure
    Music by Sylbbi Vane
  • 3. Lower 3rd
    Designed by Arno Faure
  • 4. Logo
    Original designed by Meka
    Re-designed by the Network