Series: Gotham's Finest

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  • Originally referred to as "the Bat-Man" and still referred to at times as "the Batman," Batman represents the pinnacle of human performance and is perfect superhero to think about for possibilities. Frankly, there is nothing supernatural about his abilities and he is pitched as a human with powers that seem within reach.
    He is an ordinary mortal who made himself a superhero...Through discipline and determination and commitment, he made himself into the best. I always thought that meant that I could be anything I wanted to be.
    Life is a journey, not a destination and Batman may help inform how to keep working our way along our own PERSONAL PATHS.

  • Batman Coaster 01
    "The Caped Crusader"
    Original Artist: Jim Lee
  • Batman Coaster 02
    "The Watchful Protector"
    Original Artist: Jim Lee

  • Batman Coaster 03
    "The Bat"
    Original Artist: Andy Kubert
  • Batman Coaster 04
    "Worlds Greatest Detective"
    Original Artist: Stanley Lau
  • Batman Coaster 05
    "The Dark Knight"
    Original Artist: Jim Lee
  • Batman Coaster 06
    "The Silent Guardian"
    Original Artist: Adam Kubert
  • Batman Coaster Series
  • Batman Coaster Series