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    Workshop of Graphic Design with  
    Club Electroputere Bucuresti and ARC Berlin/Leipzig, Bucharest, 2013
    Club Electroputere Bucuresti organised a new edition of the workshop for graphic design presented by Joachim Bartsch, Timo Grimberg and Toni Schönbuchner (ARC Berlin/Leipzig), within the "Vitamin Complex" programme, between 09 -13 of April 2013.
    We created a series of typographical posters and collages out of posters, flyers, brochures and other free stuff we could find on the streets of Bucharest. We later organised everything into a exhibition. The workshop was a very inspiring experience.
    I do not own the copyright to all the works shown in the pictures.Some of my collages are the cut head with no eyes, the eye(less) pattern and the last to type posters.
    Hope you'll enjoy it!