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  • The first comic: Precious Miseries was originally published as a one page per week webcomic. I was given a deadline of one page per week and 4 pages per month. The project was very fun and i was given a very good script plus a lot of creative freedom on how to approach telling the story.

    Your can read the full comic over at:

    The second comic: Titled Pregbot, was an unfinished short story i co-wrote and worked on with my wife. It was based on a conversation we had about how people are slowly growing further and further apart due to their immersion into technology and the eventuality of what happens when humans bond better with machines rather than their own kind. it's a dark and twisted story and if i ever had more time to work on it, it is something i would definitely try to finish.

    A more High Res version of the comic pages can be read here:

    The last two pages are from the final cutscene for a casual game i worked on called: Curse of the Opera. I was given two weeks to storyboard, concept and come up with an ending cut-scene based on roughly two pages of dialogue. I worked closely with another illustrator and animator to tighten up the script, work on pacing, and ensure an economical, yet still visually stylish ending cut-scene.

    Curse of the Opera:
    the final cinematic can be seen here: