Sensual Saxophone GUI

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    Conceptualize the interface and interactive behavior, as well as design the GUI for the Sensual Saxophone digital instrument by Embertone. 
    Embertone produces high quality digital instruments through meticulous instrument sampling. I offered them the suggestion for a "Sensual Saxophone" instrument which would embody the over-the-top, sleazy, sax-pop of the 1980s. 
    The goal was to make this a fun, over-the-top instrument, so I naturally decided that neon lights and smoke were necessary. There is only one knob, simply labeled "Sex". When turned up, the Sex control applies increasing levels of reverb, echo, and vibrato. The GUI responds by adding sweat and steam graphics to the front panel as the sound becomes more "sexy". 
    Sensual Saxophone is available for purchase here.
    Sensual Saxophone was featured in the April 2013 issue of Sound on Sound.
  • Sensual Saxophone digital instrument demo.