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Art direction excerise about perfume. We had to create two prints using two photographies of two artist we like.
School project || 2011
During this project, we had to create two prints for a perfume named SENSO. We were free to choose a packaging that we liked and to add it to a photography from an artist. I decided to create two radically different visions of what a perfume's print could looks like.
For the first one, I associated the packaging "Flower bomb" from Victor and Rolf to a picture of Christophe Gilbert. I wanted to represent the sensual and emotionael vision of the perfume by focusing the attention on the particular smell of flowers.
For the second one, I choosed the perfume "Angel" from Thierry Mugler, a perfume which smell was really heady and massive. I mixed it with a visual of David Lachapelle. I wanted to take advantages of the massive flagrance of the perfume by using it as a key element of the brand's communication, breaking the code of the traditional cosmetic advetisings.