• Sense of belongingness
    Fil Dunsky illustrations made in the first two months of 2012th
  • Here is mostly of my fresh commission illustrations and a few personal projects. I had to wait to be able to put some of them in my portfolio because of the client restrictions. Thanks a lot for your comments and appreciations. I don't mind to hear some critiques as well because I'm very very beginner. You could always friend me on Facebook if you like and here is some fresh interview in english.
  • EducaVideo Player for the Net ScholarLogo, icon and startup screen illustration
  • Road Safety
    Social posters for Arabian region
    Advertising Agency: Livingroom, UAE, Creative Directors: Martino O'Brien, Mansoor A. Bhatti,
    Art Director: Nisreen Shahin, Creative Director / Copywriter: Martino O'Brien, Copywriter: Priya Madhu,
    Illustrator: Fil Dunsky
  • Friends
    That was a commission with another idea, but the client rejected that sketch and I've transformed it to personal.
  • Coffee House
    QR-Code campaign
  • Russian Reader Cover
  • Dixy Supermarket Campaign
    Made fot Catzwolf Production
  • OnLime
    Internet Provider advert made for Bang! Bang! Studio
  • Clear Vita ABE
    Illustrations for shampoo campaign
  • Business Social Network
  • Katya
    Personal project spontaneously done in one day
  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
    Quick sketch of my Guruji made in Bangalore ashram with my Galaxy Note and Sketcher Lite