• Selvage Typeface
  • This typeface is based on strong, simple shapes. I chose the name "Selvage" because the appearance of the typeface changed a lot while working on it, and this reminded me of raw, unwashed denim. Raw denim with selvage (or selvedge) can change a lot while wearing it. Right now there are two versions of Selvage. One is called Selvage Raw and the other Selvage Worn.
  • You can see the difference between "Raw" and "Worn" above. Worn has more curves than Raw. This makes this typeface useable for many different uses.

    Besides "Raw" and "Worn" there's also "Raw Liga" and "Worn Liga". These styles will automatically make ligatures of certain letter combinations for visual reasons. You can see an example of the word "efficiency" below. Both the "f" characters and the "i" are combined into one character. Some examples of other ligatures are "fl", "ff", "fi" and "tt".
  • Here are some of the characters (style: Raw).
  • Thank you for watching!