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  • Experimental Music can be purely abstract, artfully crafted, or a random series of noises. Experimental music varies from noise with minimal editing to the very complex editing of sounds and textures through video and audio recording. The audio usually contains patterns, melodies and beats similar to traditional music, however quite different in taste.

    This experimental poster is designed as a typographic interpretation of a music piece which contained noises and sounds closely related to nature. Such sounds were waves breaking, sticks cracking, rocks falling, etc. The music was complex and beautifully crafted.

    Designing music is closely related to designing something visually. In music, you essentially express abstract sounds and patterns (music) to represent a feeling. The same goes for art and typography: you are expressing abstract symbols, colors and patterns to communicate a feeling or mood for a message or work of art.
  • “No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.” - Edward Hopper