Self Promotional Set

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  • Self Promotional Set
    Personalized Stationary & Promotional Items
  • As part of the required curriculum at Valencia Community College, the students have to make themselves a self promotional set during Portfolio Review. At a minimum this consists of business card, letterhead, resume, and some sort of promotional send ahead/leave behind item.

    After creating my monogram, I purchased an custom embosser, which I used throughout the entire project. All the pieces were printed then hand cut and assembled by me. There are business cards, letterhead w/ coordinating envelopes, resume, thank you card, send-ahead mini portfolio, and a promotional tin of custom M&M's.

    This project won both a Gold and Silver Local ADDY, as well as a Gold Special Judges ADDY & 1 District Silver ADDY.
  • Double sided business card with circle die-cut & embossed back.
  • Simple letterhead on ivory paper with pattern printed on back, rounded corners, and monogram at the bottom.
  • Mini portfolio send-ahead set featuring cards with 10 of my best work. Cards are contained within a folding enclosure with a sliding bellyband topped with an embossed medallion.
  • Customized M&M's imprinted with the words "En" & "Em", which are symbols in typography.
  • Trifold thank you card with business card slit.