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This project was created to showcase my student and professional work at the culmination of my undergraduate degree.
Self Promotional Piece
Completed during my final class of Undergraduate Study
I have always had a hard time determining how to brand myself. Do I use a business name? Do I use my name? The dilemma being that googling Steve Jones could return not only a 80s hair rocker, but also a British TV host both of which couldn't be further from me. (Although I do get down on the guitar) This piece was developed to resonate with audiences who truly appreciate and admire something beautifully crafted. I worked with some amazing people getting the production squared away.

The outside cover was screen printed at Grand Palace in Nashville, TN by Drew Binkley, a very talented artist and fellow musician. The die cut, scoring, and production of the cover were taken care of by Neal at McGraphics in Nashville, TN. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in print shops since I was in high school, so this was a fun project to test my production knowledge. The interior wire-o bound books were printed by my former employer Jive! A Digital Print Factory.

This book was created to showcase my work at my senior show and to land possible job opportunities. The hard work paid off. I am now interning at Chen Design Associates in San Francisco and looking for full-time work nationwide. Thanks to everyone who helped make this so seamless! Nashville has a history in the print/publishing business, and my colleagues never disappoint.