Self Promotion I

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  • The negative version is really flexible and strong looking. It looks friendly at the same time.
  • I just finished some self-promotion things. I wanted a identity that looks reliable, strong but subtle at the same time, also clean, according to the way I work.
    My self-promotion icons will change in order to my needs, so right now I just need a basic pad such as::
    logo, business cards. promo wallpaper and sales note. Soon I'll present more of my self-branding!
  • This explains the order of events, I owe you my sketches, they must be somewhere.
  • This is a roundy little monogram based on mixing both of my initial name letters: a + n. After some sketches I decided to go with this because I felt it represented me the most, also made me feel the most comfortable.
  • Caecilia  was designed by Peter Matthias Noordzij on 1990, the same year I was born. Secca is a fine font recently designed by German typographer Andreas Seidel.
  • Curious modules and patters result of experimenting with the logo shape. They might help me with more applications or self-identity vectorial art.
  • Print quick CV application with some iconography.
  • First page of  a business entrepreneur plan. Secca Sans with corporate colors. LX paper: I find it nice, neat, corporate and soft. 
  • Dummies
  • Caecilia and Secca interaction
  • CV inner side
  • Thanks a lot!