Self Portrait: The Essentials
    A self portrait series consisting of various photographs documenting my daily essentials. The project pairs items and accessories that I commonly use for differing tasks from various contexts. From my bookbinding and craft-making tools, to the mish-mash in my black-hole of a bag, the project hopes to give insight on myself as a designer.
  • 'Whats-in-my-bag' Essentials
  • Workspace Essentials
  • Bookbinding Essentials
  • 'Jiani-is-feeling-lazy' Casual Work Essentials
  • Serious Work Essentials, seriously.
  • 'Jiani-actually-makes-it-out-of-the-house' Venturing Essentials
  • 'Jiani-tries-to-be-classy' Essentials
  • 'A-trip-to-the-cafe' Essentials
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