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My Portfolio shows self branding, gallery work and projects.
JM Design
Self Branding
My self branding process is executed to inform viewers of my perspective on graphic design. I love graphic design because it enables us to unite, inform, connect and bring awareness. 
Portfolio Book Cover.
Senior Grad Show: Large scale plexi-glass with vinyl promotional of my logo, designed with perspective.
An introduction to my portfolio: Welcome to my Frankenstein. This monster is my opportunity to share with you who I am, where I am coming from and show a few samples of my babies-Design that is. Created and developed with love, my design projects are an extension of my personality and how I think.
Bully Campaign posters.
My portfolio showcases several projects. This example is of a visual sequencing book, The Second Life of Morris Summer.
My portfolio is a culmination of 3D packaging, branding, experience and web/interactive design. This unconventional depiction of my work allows the viewer an insight into who I am as a designer as well as a person. It holds my experiences, thoughts and philosophies on design and life.