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Selected works from 12x30, a community art project I participated in during the month of January.
Selected Work from 12x30
12 artists + 30 days = 360 pieces of art
I participated in this Phoenix-based community art project during the month of January 2011. Every piece had to have been created the same day it was submitted. The following are some of my favorite designs that resulted from that endeavor.
Day 2: Nebulous
Day 5: Looking Glass Blues
Day 6: Veni, Vidi, Vici
Day 7: Raisin in the Sun
Day 8: Nine of Swords
Day 12: Mexican Proverb
Day 13: Gantz Movie Poster
Day 16: Ed is a Portal
Day 18: Screaming Lady
Day 20: In Bloom
Day 21: Bubble Frenzy
Day 24: Ether
Day 27: Easter Egg
Day 29: Lingua Franca