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An editorial, collage illustration portfolio featuring a collection of tear sheets of a sampling of print projects by the San Francisco based ill… Read More
An editorial, collage illustration portfolio featuring a collection of tear sheets of a sampling of print projects by the San Francisco based illustrator David Ball. Read Less
Please scroll below to view a selection of  tearsheets from past print projects.
I am available for freelance illustration assignments. 


Past Clients:
Acada Books, Anchorage Daily News, Access Magazine, Business Week, Berkeley Boulevard Books, Berkeley Express, Bloomberg Personal, Boston Review, Chance Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chiodo Bros. Productions, Colossal Pictures, Danger Productions, Electronic Musician, Genre, Guitar Magazine, Guitar Player, Mac Addict, Might Magazine, Minneapolis City Pages, Mix Magazine, Network Magazine, New Media, New Physician, Pl@net Internet, the Progressive, PC Magazine, PC Gamer, PC World, Playstation Magazine, POZ, Red Herring, Salon Internet, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Student Lawyer, Tikkun, Time Digital, Upside, Village Voice, Web Magazine, Wired Magazine.

Society of Illustration Los Angeles, San Francisco Society of Illustrators, Alaska Press Club

Novum: Forum für Kommunikations-Design, 09/00 (Germany)
David Ball: Skurrile Collagen aus den USA
pgs. 16-21

X-FUNS Magazine: No 2, 2002 10/11 (Taiwan)

Pl@net Internet, cover: Eine Welt Wie Jede Andere, 5+6/96
Pl@net Internet, feature spread: Eine Welt Wie Jede Andere, Pgs. 22-29, 5+6/96
Repro Report, (cover and feature), Sailing the Seas of Small-format Copying, 9+10/02
Red Herring, Hatching Startups, pgs. 42-43 04/97
Electronic Musician, Going Wild (cover and feature spread), pgs. 50-77, 04/03
New Media, Graphic Utilities for Every Medium, pg. 61, 10/97
Electronic Musician, (cover and feature spread), On the Right Track, pgs. 46-47, 02/00
Chicago Tribune, Friday: A Weekly Guide cover, That's the Spirit, 10/09/98
Tikkun, Vol. 13, No. 4, Betraying Kids: Disowning the Future, Pg. 22
Read Magazine (China), cover, 10/05
Anchorage Daily News, Life and Arts cover, Winning Words, 06/30/02
Wired, Jet Powered Computers, Pg. 128, 10/96
Anchorage Daily News, Life and Health section cover, Vexed by Hiccups, 06/11/02
Red Herring, An Apple a Day?, Pg. 35, 06/97
Chicago Tribune, Jobs section cover, Future Work, 08/20/00
Network Magazine, Internet-based VPNs: Business or Cattle Class, Pg. 54, 07/02
Chicago Tribune, Friday: A Weekly Guide cover, The Lair of the Witch Projects, 10/08/99
the Progressive, Nuclear Burial in the Pacific, Pgs. 32-33, 11/97
Network Magazine,Web Server Lockdown, Pg. 48, 02/02
PC Gamer, (cover and feature), Vol. 7 No. 7, 07/00
Web Magazine, Does Apple Still Have Its Juice, pg. 54, 05/97
Tikkun, Vol. 14, No. 4, Cultural Pathology: Whose Order is Being Disordered by ADHD?, pg. 17
Electronic Musician, Letters section, 09/97-02/98
X-FUNS Magazine: No 2, 2002, Pgs. 34-41