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Various promotional media created for several fall 2011 Chrysler Museum of Art exhibitions
Selected Fall 2011 Exhibitions
Chrysler Museum of Art exhibition promotional media
This is a collection of media created to promote exhibitions that showed at the Chrysler Museum of Art in the Fall of 2011. The first piece is a web banner ad that appeared for several weeks in advance of the exhibitions. The second design is a poster specifically created for the "Our Community Collects" exhibition. Following that, a black and white newsletter ad was created for three of the Fall 2011 exhibitions. Finally, a poster design was created for internal promotion of the "Colorama" exhibition. All but the Colorama poster were actually used in Museum promotions. The designs were meant to generate interest in the exhibitions amongst the general public of Hampton Roads. Thus, the designs that appeared online were colorful and fresh in appearance, immediately drawing attention to them.  The large poster design made use of already existing type and features used in other promotional materials for the "Our Community Collects" exhibition. These were made to capture attention and compel the viewer to learn about and see the exhibitions.
Web banner ad for 3 exhibitions
Published on Virginia Pilot
17" x 22" poster design for "Our Community Collects" exhibition
2 5/8" x 2 5/8" black and white advertisement for upcoming exhibitions
Featured in Naro Expanded Cinema's November-December 2011 newsletter
7" x 22" poster design created for internal promotion of "Colorama" exhibition
7" x 22" poster design created for internal promotion of "Colorama" exhibition