Oxfam Novib Simon Jelsma Award

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    Oxfam Novib Simon Jelsma Award


  • . . . I'm proud that precisely this statue has found this destination.
    Since for me Oxfam Novib stand most of all for:
    Changing the world into a better place starts with looking at yourselve . . .
  • The Award was previously known as 'See intent upon'
    The original idea behind this sculpture is the following:
    SEE INTENT UPON is a bronze mirror. Clear enough. I read once that those who planting a tree has confidence in the future. As well that trees reflects your soul. However the bronze mirror was long ago the beginning of our vanity; one could admire now everywhere and when his own mirror image.
    Wearing that opulence is true; the mirror is pretty heavy.
    . . . Wonderful how vanity changed into selflessness . . .
    . . . Zagara art . . .
    See intent upon
    April 2012
    12 x 21 cm [4,7"x 8,3"]
    The winner of the Oxfam Novib Simon Jelsma Award 2014:
    Roeland Lelieveld, surrounded by the son and wife of Simon Jelsma.
    Won with his tree planting project in Kenya, Africa.
     . . . Zagara art . . . 


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