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Seattle Connected
122nd Meridian West
Seattle is a city in radical transformation - again. It is a last stop for many as it sits with Vancouver, BC as a western citadel facing the Pacific. It is American as Boeing and Microsoft, but stands on the backs of the legions of loggers and longshoreman who waged the wars of commerce in the city's formative years.

It is physical, muscular, still and contemplative.

Its blood flows through western veins, below the American surface. The Salish Sea connects the city at its heart. Uniquely it is also connected to the Sierras, the Blues and the Rockies.

It is a city defined by its land, air and sea. Its character is revealed in our senses not in our rationality.

Images of strength come not from New York, but from Haida carvings that show the connections of life with lines that curve and pull the world together.