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  • Painting is a way I manage excess emotion and energy. After going through a prolonged stagnant period in my creativity, I was led to create this set of paintings covering the seasons of the year. Each season has a unique character and a distinct beauty. This set is particularly special to me because each piece is derived from a "mother" painting which was my initial thought on the period of difficulty I was going through at the time.
    I have the privilege of being invited to show three of my pieces in the Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts on February 22nd-24th of this year which will be hosted by Hillcrest Congregational Church in La Habra Heights, California. If you are in the local area I take great joy in inviting you to come amd view my work and enjoy the many other local artists and craftsmen of the La Habra Heights community.
  • Spring Floral
  • Summer Air
  • Summer Heat
  • Winter Storm