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Japanese recipe books
For my thesis project I decided to create four recipe books on Japanese cuisine. As a food lover I have always admired the beauty and enjoyed the taste of Japanese food, and after some time spent living in Japan I also came to know that many dishes are associated with particular celebrations or with special festivals during the year. Seasonality is very important in this country, where every season brings with it a whole world of "collective rituals", creating 4 unique universes of colours, shapes and flavours.

I wrote these books entirely, illustrating the recipes and the stories within them. But these works are not mere recipe books: I chose food as a medium to show the soul of this fantastic country, in which aesthetics, tradition and culture form an extraordinary bond. This is why I also added photomontages of food and places, in order to give the feeling of what a dish is, or to have a glance of the country, just like a train passenger does when looking outside the window.

I also inserted some Japanese traditional poems (haiku), so often related to seasons, and every book ends with a special section dedicated to other aspects of food and cuisine, like the tea ceremony, the knife ceremony, how to use chopsticks and how to arrange dishes on the table.

Because Japanese food is not only sushi.