Seasons greeting

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  • Merry X'mas!
    This drawing is for the seasons greeting and of course be the present for Christmas, The holiday is totally 6 days start today until 25th in Macau, we are lucky that we have an extra holiday for the Macau Handover celebration (20th Dec,1999). 
  • This light bird is drawing by acrylic color, but some guys thought it more like a watercolor painting, yep, it's ok, I don't care about which skills I have done just for fun, for test
  • Put it in a nice frame and take a good photo for your works is important, I'd like share it with my friends.
  • like a bird in the nature, fresh?
  • Details in the bottom
  • For the wing part, I have try use ink draw with Chinese traditional skills
  • Present table
  • We arrange the dinner at a old and very nice area, Alex got my present as well last year is the same, so funny.

  • Thanks for your appreciating.