• Scuzz ReBranding
    Channel / Scuzz / Sky 367
    Scuzz TV was in need of new idents that better reflect the music and content of the channel - which plays Rock, Pop-Punk, Light Metal, Nu-Metal and a little Heavy plus Old School music. The challenge was to create a welcoming shop front for Scuzz’s new female viewers without alienating their loyal viewers. They still should be seen as the edgier, more daring channel, but with an appeal to the mainstream. We stuck with the current Scuzz logo, however the channel manager was open to the logo being changed as part of the animation as long as it resolves to the current design in the end. Each member of the animation team created an ident, which work as a set and individually - as you can see!
  • Abstract By Borham Lee
  • Field Of Tentacles By Rinat Ashkenazi
  • Giging By Joseph Lattimer
  • Beneath The Waves By Kevin Frances
  • Sci fi  By Simon Williams
  • The 70s By Simon Williams
  • Strap and Bug By Joseph Lattimer
  • Agency / CSC Media Group
    Channel / Scuzz / Sky 367
    Channel Manager / Alex Herron
    Designer / Animators
    Kevin Frances, Simon Williams, Borham Lee, Rinat Ashkenazi, Joseph Lattimer
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