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Graphic Design: Sérgio Gaspar Photography: Miguel Matos
Século 21 is a small Restaurant + Ice Cream Parlour which needed a new graphic project for its menu and ice cream list due to the limited functionality and outdated graphics of the previous.
The menu was created so as to be practical, containing information about dishes, description and pricing, for a swift and easy reading. Working the typography of the cover with organic shapes and pictures of some dishes, the graphic construction was thought for this menu to be a graphically elegant element on a table, during its use or in relation to other menus. The graphic development for the ice cream list was done coherently with the menu, so as for both to complement graphically.
The intention to maintain this new menu and ice cream list for a long period of time was set and considering the prices would individually and somewhat frequently be altered there would thus be the need to change any price, at any moment, without relevant cost. Considering this, a specific gap for the filling in of the price was created, none having been written in. The menu and ice cream list were given a shiny lamination finishing so as for the writing and erasing of prices to be possible by using a wet wipe pen, for example.