Screenprinted! - A handbook

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  • Screenprinted!
    A handbook printed and conceptualized for designers
  • Screen Printing is an immensely versatile technique, even today it has a lot to offer to the design practitioner. My personal experiences with this medium have allowed me to recognize its virtues, through this handbook; I wish to share what it is capable of delivering. Styles, applications and certain benefits could be procured from this handbook. 
  • Positives of the designs selected to be printed.
  • A sample of printed acrylic, fabric, a metal keychain and clay tablet badges.
  • Handmade papers, rice papers and fibrous papers with intricate Indian patterns printed on them
  • Self printed handmade pages and raised (embossed) printing.
  • Tangible designs with flocking - using felt powder and sawdust. And a sample of multi-colored printing.
  • The completed book.
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