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Develop and design branding identity for Screen Illawarra South East.
Branding SISE
Screen Illawarra South East | Branding
Screen Illawarra South East (SISE) is part of the network of regional screen offices working with Screen NSW and the NSW Department of Trade and Investment. SISE is a newly begun organisation that was facing a need for brand development & identity.

SISE is a portal for creativity & innovation in the screen business & community in the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Inland regions of NSW, Australia.

SISE is the first point of contact for productions both domestic and international wishing to shoot in the region, advising and facilitating on locations, screen infrastructure and personnel, and acting as an interface between production and local government authorities and location owners. SISE is also committed to local industry development and creating networking initiatives to connect industry practitioners throughout the region. 
Logo Rationale
Screen Illawarra South East acts as a portal to the screen industry for a particularly diverse area of regional NSW, Australia. It is
the aim of SISE to develop a positive voice for
the region, it’s landscapes and practising artists. Each interaction is a strengthening
of the ties between local practioners and stakeholders, and those lying further afield.
The “arrows” motif in this design is a reflection
on the above idea of positive interaction between the region and outside the region. There are some arrows heading out from the circle, others heading in to the circle, symbolising this idea. The imperfectness of these arrows is to create a sense of diversity, community
and a flurry of creativity. Each colour chosen in the brand is directly related to the landscapes that appear in the region.

Graphic Elements – Topography – Utilising the Logo Motif
Graphic Elements – Shapes & Lines
Graphic Elements – Stories
Stationery – Business Cards
Website design – Visit website here