Scouts of America

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  • Rebranding for the Boy Scouts of America.

  • AIGA A7 Judge: Connie Birdsall, Lippencott, NYC
  • The Fleur De Lis from the original Boy Scouts of America logo was eliminated allowing the eagle to stand alone representing strength, perseverance and leadership. The typography has also been updated to a one of a kind typeface, Scout Condensed.
  • Merit badges are awards earned by youth members of the Scouts of America, based on activities within an area of study by completing a list of periodically updated requirements. The purpose of the merit badge program is to allow Scouts to examine subjects to determine if they would like to further pursue them as a career or avocation. 

    The Boy Scouts of America’s merit badges were previously round. With the new Scouting of America, the merit badges take on a hexagonal shape. The six points of the badge stand for Scouting’s new core values: Leadership, Achievement, Character, Service, Education, and the Outdoors. 
  • The Scouts of America actively promote the principle of Leave No Trace Behind, a plan that helps people to be more concerned about their environment and to help them protect it for future generations. This principle was taken into account as the packaging is printed on recycled chipboard and uses minimal product within the design.
  • In appealing to a boy’s desire for adventure, the Scouts of America utilize their merit badges in conjunction with their motto, Be Prepared, to show different opportunities that Scouting offers. These campaigns could be presented as posters, magazine ads, billboards, etc.
  • Award: AIGA KC A7* Juror's Choice