Scissor lift chassis - Computer aided design (CAD)

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  • Scissor lift chassis
    University of Ottawa, 4th year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate CAD/CAM project
  • Every 4th year undergraduate mechanical engineering student at University of Ottawa must complete a CAD/CAM course for his/her degree.

    My task was to design a chassis for a scissor lift. The chassis must withstand not only static weight of the scissors, the static weight of all other components like the engine and fuel tank, but the impact forces as well from bumps in the road that propagate through the entire chassis causing dynamic reaction forces of its components.

    Every beam in the chassis is parametrized (rebuild at each new request) based on customer's specific input, and subsequent calculated dynamic loads on the chassis (based on principles of Virtual Work) to operate within normal shear, bending stresses and maximum permissable deflections.