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    Ne, atomic number 10, a very common element in the universe, but rare on Earth,
    found only in trace amounts in our atmosphere, is a colorless, inert noble gas
    under standard conditions. Discovered 1898 by British chemists Sir William
    Ramsay (1852—1916) and Morris W. Travers (1872—1961) at University College
    London when Ramsay chilled a sample of air until liquid, warmed the liquid air,
    and captured several gases, each as they boiled off. Neon, commercially
    extracted from air since 1902, gives a distinct reddish-orange glow when used
    in either low-voltage lamps or in high-voltage discharge tubes. And additional
    colors in advertising signs.
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    Not to be confused with Wisdom. Or Experience.
    To GROK one must be alert to all fruits of this tree, comprehend how it all exists simultaneously, and understand how to use all of it in coherent creative expression of one’s imagination.
    Written by James Sherman
    Digital Illustration by James Sherman 
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    We cycle, more like a pendulum than a clock, through various emotions throughout each relationship with signifcant friends and family. We also juggle a cycle for every person we encounter each day throughout each project we undertake. Recognition of position on each cycle and acknowledgement of behavior informs choice for improvement of action.
    Digital Illustration by James Sherman
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    Experience required.
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