Science Fiction Technology

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    Exhibition of Graphic Design

    Typefaces, Information Graphics and Way-finding.
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    Drents Museum in Assen, Holland held a Exhibition based on Science Fiction Technology, through the world
  • Science Fiction Technology Exhibition LogoBased on a thumb print, but the edges are pointed and squared off to show a mechanical technology feel to a humanized image, I hope this shows the connection between Fiction and Reaction.   
  • Computer Chip Typeface 
  • Bevel Blueprint Typeface 
  • Science Lesson Typeface 
  • Direct Mail front 
  • Direct Mail front 
  • Weaponry Information Graphics  
  • Alphabet Information Graphics 
  • Exhibition Map
    Map based on an 'S' from one of my typefaces.  
  • Room Plan Illustrations 
  • Way-finding symbols for locations around the Exhibition 

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