Sci-fi city modelling

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  • I'm so glad to present to you the result of a lot of work on Vue and photohop in this science-fiction matte painting.
    This one is probably the most achieve piece I've ever done so far.

    The modelling of the sci-fi city has been entirely designed and modelled in Vue 9 by myself. It took me about 20-30 hours in the process playing with the nodes and filters following some pro tuts and stuff. Spaceships have been modelled and rendered in 3DSmax and all postwork has been done in Photoshop with quite a lot of little details here and there, textures and lights...!

    I really hope you'll enjoy this one. The story is a city in the middle of the desert, swallowed through time by the sand. The title is of course in reference to Revenge of The Siths, so time now to find where is hidden the Jedi in the scene, mouhahahaaaa!!

    Enjoy and thx for your favs and comments...and support!
  • ¬†This is another version of my previous 'The Terminal' artwork but this time in 3D and much more developed.

    This is also my humble entry to Ballistic Exposé 10. Btw you can join me on CGsociety and CGtalk @ [link] , I would be glad to have you in my network over there too...

    This is another terrain I designed with Vue 9, spaceships modelled with 3DSmax, and all postwork done in Photoshop CS3 to make everything more lively, realistic and full of details.

    No hidden Jedi this time guys, dont waste your time ah ah but quite a lot of little things, lights and stuff here and there.

    I had lots of fun doing it and should pass onto something different next time!!

    Thx for faving and commenting this piece.
    Your support means a lot to me.