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  • School of the Air

  • I love the name ‘School of the Air’ and it and I knew I could have a lot of fun as it evokes lots of ideas. During my research I found a quote “As much as the technology has progressed the thing of greatest importance to the school is its sense of community. The different technologies are one element in ensuring that all members of our school community experience a sense of belonging”.

    I wanted to represent that connection and after many variations this abstract method perfectly represented the unique nature of the school. The flowing lines represent the impact you can make on someone as you cross paths and meet new people.

  • The idea of making a concertina folding brochure fitted in perfectly with the concept of connection it was a
    bit of fun.

  • This is an example of the brand applied to the buildings associated with the school of the air and clearly distinguishing then.
  • I wanted this website to be useful to the students but not compete against social media so I focused on being able to log on and rehash lessons. I incorporated a way for students to chat with teachers to get further help as well as include subtle social media aspects to connect with your friends.