School Work: Food App Idea Competition

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  • Can a mobile app educate people about the global food crisis?  In the course of only a few hours, I worked with a team of two others to conceptualize an answer to that question.
    The theme for this year's Media for Social Responsibility Mini Course was the global food crisis. The course began with a keynote presentation from Joy Bauer, the nutrition consultant for NBC's The Today Show. The course continued with live Skype case studies from industry experts. The course ended with the challenge: to come up with a comprehensive app idea with a team of people I didn't know in 4.5 hours. At the end of the challenge, we had 5 minutes to pitch our idea to a group of app developers and food experts.
  • Our app idea, named APPetite, has two functions: to gamify eating healthy through a social network, and to educate users about the global impact of their diet. The app encourages users to eat less meat, eat more at home, and buy locally.
    We identified a target demographic that includes people 20-30, mostly college students and recent graduates. 
    Our research showed that these people want to eat inexpensive, healthy, and convenient food, but sometimes have trouble doing so. Perhaps they do not have much cooking experience or have developed poor eating habits in college.
    I (quickly) designed wireframes using Balsamiq, which you can see in the slides. 
    After all of the groups presented, we learned that our app won the idea competition. One judge said, "I love the did you know comparisons–it gives the user something to talk about with his/her peers. I like the badges concept very very much."