Scandinavian high-class apartment

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  • Somehow I forgot about this project, but this was our first commercial interior visualization, done year ago when we begun. It had some troubled history, but in the end ended up looking quite well imho. 

    After the main set, I included 3 colorful pictures describing original design, which was changed by client into more toned down version since the clientelle was wealthy older people.

    The apartment features beautiful views around the city and it's still one of the nicest spaces we got in development segment.

    360 photography outside of apartment is credit of Wec360.

    There were numerous still pictures as well as interactive 360s done for this project. These 20 pictures are actually less than half of all produced :- ). Hope you can still enjoy this early work.
  • This is first where we used MarvelousDesigner to model cloth assets. The bed is collaborative work between me and Veronika and you can download it free in next album here named "Free 3d Models" :- ) Carpet, taburrete, and hanging clothes were all modelled by Veronika in MD.
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