Sandwich Artist

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  • I’d like to build you a sandwich – similar to painting you a picture but in a more realistically hypothetical leisurely pursuit.

    First ingredient is a slice of tomato. Tomato is important because it is equipped with tons of essential vitamins. Similar to the behind the scene tools like the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, which allow designers to create efficiently. Then comes the cucumber, which, like creative writing, adds a valuable, satisfying, healthy surprise that benefits everyone. And what’s a sandwich without a little refreshing crunch? Kind of like an advertising agency without fresh, innovative ideas – inadequate. The meat is an essential part of the sandwich because it characterizes the whole attitude. But a good Sandwich Artist (and designer) knows that one ingredient does not create the zest – it is the well-balanced pieces that make a one-of-a-kind designer (and sammich.)

    Naturally, I’m referencing myself as said sandwich.