• "Sanduba is a sandwich bar. We are purveyors of real food, ready to go. Our approach is simple: use quality ingredients, assemble with love, package for convenience. First location in Sydney coming soon."
  • These were a few of the earlier provided concepts, they included standard fonts as well as hand-drawn versions.
  • I wanted to provide Sanduba with a hand-made logo to co-incide with their business practise of producing great, hand made foods. This is just a small sample of the sketches from the inital drafting stage of the logo development.
  • Sanduba's original strap-line was to be "Sandwiches Born Today" but during the design process I put the idea of "Born & Bread Today" at the client and they loved how it represented nurturing and care while also emphasising their products.
  • I wanted to provide not only a text based logo, but a colourful emblem that could be used as stickers and social media branding. A number of combinations of shapes, logo edits, fonts and straplines were put across to the client and were eventually shortlisted down to the following examples...
  • The client loved the simplicity of the purple circle but we both felt that it still needed that little bit of something. So the Sanduba logo was tidied up, a strapline was decided upon and the outer border was finalised, all we needed now was a little bit of texturing...
  • The Final Logo
    The texture that was settled upon was the light dusting to give an impression of the use of flour on a work surface; tying this in with the 'Born & Bread Today' strapline and the handmade font really emphasises the care and attention that Sanduba put into each of their products.