San Jose 2012-2013

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  • San Jose 2012-2013
    I worked for tequila brand San Jose on various missions such as art direction, web design, matte painting, creating wallpapers and developing the visual brand at Novembre.
    Matte paintings used as wallpapers
    Two of the matte paintings created for the visual brand.
  • --------- FULL VIEW (recommended) ----------
    On the first one - which is done in only a few hours on Photoshop - the shape of the mountain is reminiscent of the iconic bottle of San Jose.
    --------- FULL VIEW (recommended) ----------
    The second landscape is also used as background on the website (night version).
    HTML5 web site - Web design
    2013 HTML5 website including an animated parallax effect within the background and games. Four landscape variations are displayed depending on the time you arrive on the site. This has been done in collaboration with web designer Arnaud Steckle.
    Here are just a few screens:
    The three wide backgrounds created for the website:
    For a bigger view and more information, please visit my portfolio.
    Collaborative work on web design with Arnaud S.
    Project manager : Romain C.
    ©San Jose - Marie Brizard