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Various scenes from San Francisco

San Francisco Scenes

San Francisco means many things to me.  I have lived here for six years and I have grown because of the energy and forward thinking of this city.  It has a rhythm that you either understand or you don't. 
The weather here is not perfect but it is not extreme.  The people have views that range from conservative to rebellious.  Yes we run naked in the streets at times but it is not for shock value; it is for freedom of all things human and natural.

I hope through my images you will see a San Francisco you are not familiar with and lie outside the tourist point of view.
     Peace on the Horizon
     Beach Visions
     Where Are We Going?
     Finalist in Photographer's Forum Magazine 2010
     Golden Sun Upon Buena Vista Park
     Goin' Up to the Spirit in the Sky
     So Many Lines
     San Francisco Love Scene in Haight Ashbury
     Windows on the Hill