Salon D'Automne Israel

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  • Salon D'Automne Israel
    The task involved designing a book cover for the first ever Salon D'Automne Israel, a subsidiary of the eponymous fine art show in Paris, alluding to the vibrant color and culture of Jaffa, Israel.  I submerged the iconic view of Jaffa from the coast with strong primary colors and a starkly calm sky.  The colors of the sea reflect the incoming culture.
    The Salon D’Automne is a renown art exhibition showcasing the work of aspiring young artists, founded in 1903 as a reaction against the conservatism of the Paris Salon.  Begun by Matisse, Derain, Rouault and others, it has gone on to show the work of many influential artists of the 20th century. 
  • Final book cover
  • Official invitation to the Salon. I provided the painting and color scheme, not text.
  • Sketches
    Below are five iterations that explored the liveliness of Jaffa through color, text orientation, and imagery.
  • Google Maps view of Jaffa, mixed with Art Nouveau and Lilien-inspired borders
  • This image features the iconic St. Peter's church, Jaffa
  • Reference Images
    From photos and posters
  • My photograph of the Jaffa coast
  • Image property of Google
  • Page 128 of Lieder des Ghetto. Autor, Abertragung aus dem Judischen von Berthold Feiwel, mit Zeichnungen von E.M. Lilien.  Art by Moses Ephraim Lilien, 1902. Image taken from  I do not own this image.
  • Image used for sketch from Google Images.  I do not own this photograph.
  • Salon D'Automne 2012, Paris, France. Designed by Etienne Delessert.
  • Salon D'Automne 2011, Paris, France. Designed by Léo Kouper.