"Saints in Pakistan" - feature article in Ode Magazine

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  • "Saints in Pakistan" - feature article in Ode Magazine

    Abdul Sattar & Bilquis Edhi, who are often praised as Muslim equivalents of Mother Teresa, run the world's largest volunteer organization.

    Fuelled by a fierce conviction that the only way out of poverty is through self-help, Edhi has created a network of social services which is funded entirely by donations, and exists without logistical or monetary help from the government. In Karachi alone, a sprawling city of fifteen million, Edhi Foundation clinics care for thousands of people every day.

    In a country where only three percent of GDP is spent on public health (fifteen percent is the norm in the West), Edhi is looked upon as a national hero. Comparisons with Mother Teresa abound, yet Pakistanis proudly point out that Edhi is a native son, that he doesn't proselytize, and that his doors are open to everyone.

    Written and photographed by Jay Dunn  http://www.jaydunn.org 

    Project supported and published by Ode Magazine.
    Read the complete article on their web site at  http://bit.ly/yZ17RN

    For a slideshow  highlighting the Edhi's humanitarian efforts, visit  http://bit.ly/Av5Of6