• Sagres Preta Chocolate
    Website // Client. Sagres Bee
    r // Agency. GrandUnion // 2011

    A site made out of chocolate
    Sagres is Portugal's no 1 beer brand. 
    This fall it launched Sagres Preta Chocolate, a stout beer with a chocolate flavour. What is more suited to launch it than on a site made entirely out of chocolate? We did just that. With the help of Maître Chocolatier Victor Nunes, renown in Portugal for his sculpture made out of chocolate, we designed and produced an interactive site made 100% out of chocolate. 
    The only exception is the Sagres Preta Chocolate beer bottle. In the end we offered to our visitors a piece of this delicious site, sent to their home together with a 6pack of Sagres Preta Chocolate.
    Enjoy and don't forget to watch the Baking Of

  • Baking of:
  • Loader frames
  • Website Skills
  • Credits to:
    Agency  Grand Union Portugal
    Creative Direction  Alexandre Rodrigues
    Art Direction / Design / 3D  Diografic
    Video Production  Manuel Garcia
    Copy / Creative  Rui Costa
    Flash Development  Francisco Contel Martins
    Marketing Consultant  Maria Midões

    Social Media  Manuel Faísco