Safio Soccer Cup: Online Flash Game

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  • Safio Soccer Cup
    Online Flash Game
  • Within 60 Days ofits launch, the Safio Online Soccer cup game achieved an overwhelming responsefrom the kids in the region; the game was played more than 100,000 times andhad more than 15,000 registered users playing the game on a regular basis.
    To create loyalty,and to guarantee that a relationship will be developed mutually between thekids and the game from all sides, International Nomads decided on adding extraelements on the pre-game stages in the sense of more interaction and features,like team customization feature where kids will enter to a real locker room andstart creating and customizing their own teams and outfit color, logos, teamname and Player Name giving the kids a feeling of starting on a task thatshould be continued, finished and repeated.
    Check it out at: Safio Cup
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